Picking the perfect carpet style is all about meeting your personal criteria: design, performance, and lifestyle.

Six styles of carpet: 

  • Textured, Frieze, Saxony (plush), Looped, Cable, and Cut & Loop.
  • All styles are unique in their own way due to their individual characteristics. 
  • Make the right buying decision by recognizing each style's qualities and features.



A very popular cut pile carpet, textured carpet is of a two-toned appearance with alternating
twists of yarn. Textured carpet is great for active families as it helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

With a soft, smooth plush look and a luxurious feel, saxony carpet will show footprints and
vacuum marks. Good for a more formal area of the home

Available in various pile heights, frieze carpet is a usually a dense, tightly twisted carpet and
often found in active areas of the home.

Cut and Loop
Multicolor Berber

With a textured appearance, cable carpeting has very thick fibers and typically longer yarn.

Made to create designs in the carpet, cut and loop is made by combining loop fibers with
plush carpet. Great for high traffic areas.

Berber carpet is great for high traffic areas. There are various options in the quality of
looped carpet so make sure you are picking the right option.

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