Types of Vinyl

Types of Vinyl

There are a variety of different Vinyl types to choose from. Don’t be fooled. Todays’ Vinyls are not the ones you remember from your mom’s kitchen. Luxury vinyl by companies like Mohawk and Shaw are changing the industry and turning heads.

Sheet Vinyl

Traditional vinyl sheeting is available in either 6 or 12 foot wide rolls that are made to go onto either wood or concrete subfloors.  They come in many different looks and styles ranging from stone, brick, marble and wood.  They are very easy to keep clean, are long lasting and durable.  This vinyl product is usually glued down directly over concrete or subflooring.

VCT (Vinyl Commercial Tile)

Traditional, one square foot vinyl tiling is available in a speckled or fleck look, in many colors. They are durable and long lasting, requiring a minimal amount of upkeep. They are practical in areas where moisture is a concern, especially in basements. These products perform much better with a surface wax application every year or two, depending on wear.  This product is glued down directly on to the floor.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling and Planking

An updated, more decorative version of the traditional VCT tiling comes in a wide variety of stone and wood looks.  Some versions come as a mixture of vinyl and limestone that give the vinyl tiling extreme durability, comfort and enhanced beauty.  The surface is extremely scratch, chip and fade resistant.  These tiles are also glued down directly over cement or wood subflooring.

Locking Vinyl Tiling and Planking

There are vinyl tiles and planking that install much like laminate.  They are made to float over existing sheet vinyl without requiring a new subfloor.  The interlocking system secures the tiles to each other.  These products are highly water resistant, scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

Flex Flooring

There are sheet roll products that are made to go over existing vinyl materials; without requiring new subfloor.  The product usually comes in 12 ft. or 13 ft. 2 in. widths to accommodate slightly wider areas.  This product has a urethane wear layer, much like traditional sheet vinyl, but has a fiber core giving it more flexibility and comfort than traditional sheet vinyl.  It can be either fully glued, perimeter glued or loose laid.   Easy to maintain, clean and repair.  Again, comes in a wide variety of realistic stone and wood looks.