Types of Carpeting

phoca_thumb_l_shaw  cleartouchUnderstanding a few basic facts about carpet construction will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget. Learn more about the types of carpets that are available.

Textured Cut Pile

  • Most decoratively versatile cut-pile carpet
  • Textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
  • Adds casual beauty to any room
  • Looks great between vacuumings
  • Preferred style for busy households
  • A great “whole-house” carpet


  • Refined cut-pile surface
  • Soft texture created by twisting yarns tightly together and straightening with heat
  • Luxuriously smooth, soft finish
  • Beautiful with traditional interiors
  • Adds distinctive elegance to any room
  • Ideal for living and dining rooms
  • Shows subtle highlights and accents

Loop-Pile (Berber)

  • A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
  • Wears well and is suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity
  • Natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere
  • Tight loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
  • Subtle patterns fit a variety of room styles
  • Ideal choice for contemporary, to countryto cottage furnishings


  • The great plush “feel” of thick, cut-pile carpet
  • Beautifully crafted and colored yarns add personality to any room
  • Very versatile decoratively, ideal for casual rooms, kids’ rooms, etc.
  • Subtle color flecks help hide soil that might appear between cleanings


  • Carved definition with cut-and-loop pile
  • Accent colors spice up floor surfaces
  • Multicolor effects hide soil and stains
  • Looks great between vacuumings
  • Choose from soft tones to bolder color combinations
  • Suited for both formal and contemporary settings