Carpet Cleaning Tips

 Maintaining your carpet’s beauty with our Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • The best way to ensure long lasting beauty, comfort and durability in your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. This prevents soil from becoming embedded into the carpet.
  • When vacuuming high pile or premium soft carpets, look for the following features that will allow you to easily maintain your carpet: Adjustable Heights – Use the highest setting where appropriate. Efficient Airflow – Avoid vacuums with very concentrated or sealed suction. Large Wheels – This will allow the appliance to glide easily across the carpet.
  • Depending on traffic and other factors, consider professional cleaning every 12–18 months.
  • Use scissors to clip sprouts and snags; do not pull them or you may damage the carpet.
  • To remove a dent caused by heavy furniture, stroke carpet with the edges of a coin.
  • You can also use a hair dryer or a steam iron to gently raise the dented area while you tug upward on the tufts.CAUTION: DO NOT LET THE IRON TOUCH THE CARPET..
  • If your carpet is burned, remove the tops of the dark burnt fibers with curved
    fingernail scissors. If a flooding occurs from a burst pipe, the carpet will need to be dried; front and back, by a professional cleaner with the proper equipment.

Tips for removing common stains

  • Treatment of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery. For carpet care, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the best way to effectively remove stains.Vacuum as much of the stain as possible, continuing to add water to the stain as you go.
  • Scrape a food spill gently with a spoon or dull knife, removing as much solid material as possible. For a liquid spill, place a white towel over the wet area and weight with a heavy, colorfast object to absorb moisture. Leave overnight. If stains remain after cleaning, moisten the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide, let stand for one hour then blot and repeat. No rinsing is necessary. Apply a pad of paper towel and weigh them down to help the carpet dry.
  • Some stains cannot be removed because they have permanently altered the carpet’s color. These stains include acid toilet bowl cleaners, acne medication, alkaline drain cleaners, chlorinated bleaches, hair dyes, iodine, insecticides, turmeric and plant fertilizers. For these types of stains, call a professional.

Additional carpet care tips:

Beer, wine, coffee and tea

Blot and neutralize with a white vinegar solution, then work a small amount of a detergent solution into the spot (1/4 teaspoon detergent per 1 qt. of water). Repeat until stain is removed. Using a spray bottle, rinse with tap water and blot to remove excess moisture.

Mud and dirt

Allow mud to dry completely. Remove the dried mud with the handle of a knife, then vacuum. For dirt, apply a small amount of a detergent solution to the spot (1/4 teaspoon detergent per 1 qt. of water) and blot with a white paper towel to work the detergent into the affected area. Continue applying detergent and blotting until spot is removed. Using a spray bottle, rinse with tap water, and then blot to remove excess moisture.

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